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Dr. Drake's Metabolic Reset System takes the guess work out of weight loss forever. Guaranteed Fast 20 LB Weight Loss. Targets stubborn fat stores, great for diabetics and low thyroid patients.


We create personalized metabolic blueprints to reset your unique metabolic set points so you lose weight effortlessly

“I feel amazing. I have so much more energy than I’ve had in forever. I went from a size 22 down to a 14 which just makes me feel absolutely amazing. I would recommend this diet to anyone, anywhere because it really works and it’s very easy."

Sarah, actual diabetic patient, lost 44.6 lbs

My name is Dr. Jeff Drake D.C. and I am the lead weight loss clinician at Advanced Health Concepts in Wichita, Kansas. I have successfully helped more than 2,000 patients achieve their weight loss goals using my breakthrough “Metabolic Reset System” that reverses systemic damage from dieting and restores the body's natural ability to lose weight and keep it off. My patients are thrilled with their results.

The Problem with Dieting

Most weight loss programs make promises they cannot possibly deliver leaving you frustrated when you gain back more weight than the program promised you would lose. This is a big part of the reason you don’t want to attempt another diet. The average person gains 11 pounds for every diet they go on. What makes matters worse is when the weight is lost, it includes both muscle and fat. But when the weight is gained back, that weight is all fat. And because muscle burns seven times as many calories as fat, your metabolism has become impaired and now runs slower than when you started the diet. The cruel result is you must now consume even fewer calories to maintain the higher weight and your Metabolic Set Point is pushed farther out of reach.

So why do all these diets fail you?

  • • They use willpower instead of science to control appetite setting you up for failure
  • • They focus on a single issue like calories, carbs and fat and ignore the whole body   
  • • They ignore and work against the body's natural wisdom
  • • They don't identify the root cause for storing fat (it is unique to each person)
  • • They slow metabolism and create additioanl fat stores that set you back
  • • They are too restrictive and create unhappiness

Sadly, diet failures are stories we hear over and over at my clinic and we understand your concerns and frustration. We also understand that you may be skeptical and perhaps even reluctant to try something new. Many of our patients were just like you and needed to understand exactly how my unique “Metabolic Reset System” could help them achieve their weight loss goals.

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Why Our Patients Reach Their Weight Loss Goals

The reason so many other weight loss programs and quick fixes fail is simple. They never address the underlying cause of why your body resists releasing stubborn body fat. These programs are usually based on a one-size-fits-all philosophy which doesn’t work because every physical body is different and needs its own Personal Weight Management Blueprint. Even programs that account for certain factors like where fat is being stored or direct the body to burn a particular type of fuel - sugar vs fat – fail to pinpoint the underlying reasons why Your Unique Body is holding on to excess weight. Until that happens, all dieting efforts are in vain and keep you on the cycle of Yo Yo Dieting causing further damage to your metabolism. Our program works because we create a scientifically-sound nutritional blueprint to reset your unique Metabolic Set Point to empower your body to naturally shed the excess weight you long to lose.

How It Works

The very first thing we do here at Advanced Health Concepts is determine why your body is resisting fat loss and then we create an individual program for you to begin targeting the underlying metabolic issues that are preventing you from reaching your goal.

Our Metabolic Reset System is the most advanced bio-communication instrument to lose that stubborn weight naturally, quickly and easily, and keep it off permanently. Our revolutionary technology is designed to measure your body's frequencies and create a specific plan for you to keep it in the optimal fat burning zone.

Our patients reach their goals quickly and easily because we tailor our program to their unique needs. Whether there is an underlying thyroid problem, insulin resistance, menopause, Yo Yo dieting or lifestyle issues, once the metabolic factors are identified and resolved, the weight can begin to fall of quickly. But don't just take our word for it. Call now to book your  Consultation and Body Composition Analysis and find out if you are a candidate for Dr. Drake's Revolutionary Metabolic Reset System. Don't Wait. Only 23 Spots Available.

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Our Clients Love Our Metabolic Reset System Because It Works

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